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Supporting togetherness and individual growth

To be an inspirational lifestyle brand that inspires people to fulfil their potential through the discipline and passion of sport, and ultimately (as a result) to transform their lives to become the best they can be.

Better body, better mind

We believe that running (Athleticism) has the ability to not just transform bodies into high performance athletic sculptures, but also transform people into better human beings.

My journey to this point

There’s one thing about a testimony that is irrefutable especially when the evidence is living, tangible and most importantly consistently sustained over time. I am 17 years clean from drug addiction and have lost 25kg of unwanted weight from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Soon after I matriculated I experienced success beyond my wildest expectation. I became part of a music culture changing multi platinum group. I got involved in the rock and roll lifestyle and got hooked on cocaine, alcohol and illicit drugs.

After 6 years of abuse I got to the end of myself and needed serious help. I checked into rehab and was desperate to get my life back. I did the work and followed the suggestions and have never looked back. Today I’m 17 years clean.
After dealing with my addiction I put on about 25kg and got really overweight and unhealthy.

I remember trying to tie my shoe laces whilst getting dressed and I couldn’t reach my shoes because my tummy was in the way. How did I got from being active and playing 1st XV at St. Stithians to become the fat guy I swore I would never become.

I realised in this state that the desire to change must be greater than desire to stay the same.

I am that LIVING testimony and the principals that I have applied in my spiritual growth, my finances (including investing R1,3m of my own money in Kumo), my career and my mental, physical and emotional well being, work. It’s my life’s mission to share this with as many people as I can come into contact with.

To this end I’ve established a business called KUMO, an ecosystem for runners that encompasses everything a runner needs under one roof. Each attribute in the ecosystem gives runners the opportunity to experience the fraternity of their peers whilst simultaneously achieving health and wellness goals. Our corporate wellness and well being program is targeted at corporates with a strong running culture. The methodology used is the very same principals I applied.

our team

The right people get the right results

what our cru has to say

What's your story?

A few of my friends invited me to join the Kumo running crew, and to be honest; I was initially hesitant as I'm not the most athletic person! I thought that I'd feel intimidated or that I'd be left behind.

But...I decided to ``try it out`` as I know the benefits of running with others, and not alone, are well-documented.

I nervously arrived on the day, and it was the exact opposite of what I anticipated....

There was such a positive energy, everyone was so happy and full of life, going out of their way to make all feel welcome and valued.

The pacers are not only motivating but they work with each person to ensure that ``nobody is left behind`` (contrary to what I thought)!

There's also a wonderful sense of community, in which an environment is created, where people (even first timers) feel a sense of belonging.

I'm excited, and looking forward to the rest of the journey! One pace at a time

I joined Kumo run crew at beginning of June 2019, I have been very consistent, I have attended every weekend since I joined. Through the motivation and support here I have improved vastly, in a couple of months, through pushing my limits every time I progressed to a quicker bus. I am definitely much more fitter, quicker and healthier. And for the first time in my life I am considering a half marathons and other races
I started running in July 2017 because I was getting bored with what felt like a repetitive gym routine. My friend Sheila got me into running and I joined my run cru Braamfie Runners, and with their help and training; November that same year I ran my first marathon at Soweto in 4h59m. I then developed an Achilles injury and later on also had a very bad fall that left me with 22 stitches and on crutches. I was inactive for a good few months. I first got back into fitness with gym and cycling and then started joining the Kumo runs on a Wednesday just to test out the legs. My running has improved exponentially in the short time I’ve been running with Kumo. With all the gender based violence and femicide our country is facing, Kumo has given me a safe running space close to home.
Joining Kumo Run Crew has been an amzing experience to date, I joined Kumo run crew as a runner in January after seeing a post By Kabelo Mabalane on instagram, and i took a decision to take my running more seriously and be with those who are of the same mindset, this brought a lot of accountability and made it more fun, Kumo has set a tone of making running look cool.

Kabelo Mabalane and Peteni Kuzwayo have made Pounding the tar look very easy and as soon as I was groomed to being a pacer i took upon the challenge of committing to Marathons, I ran my first 21km in May and ran it well under 2hours after good sessions every Saturday at Kumo.

Fast forward in July i Joined Kabelo to train for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon and with his vast endurance and running experience each session made me always look forward to breaking a barrier, resounding Kabelo’s famous words “Its You against YOU ! “ saw me blitz to a new 21km PB of 01:41:00 and Two weeks later i ran my first 42.2KM Marathon in Cape Town and achieved a PB of 03:31:32

Kumo is a great support base for runners, a great ecosystem to be a part of wether you are a running enthusiast or you just want to get of the couch. Nobody gets left behind, a great culture which is promoting wellness through social running.

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