CCRYO Recovery

CRYO Recovery


CZONE Sports Recovery is a business specialising in sports recovery and injury rehabilitation. Dedicated to helping sports people, anyone who participates in strenuous training and people recovering from injuries.

Cryo recovery aids with injury prevention and faster recovery so that so you can train harder.

The cold water causes the blood vessels to tighten and lowers the damaged tissue’s temperature. This helps flush out the lactic acid and helps to reduce swelling and inflammation and also causing a return of oxygenated blood which helps the muscle to recover. It also numbs the nerve endings, which means relief from pain.

By incorporating regular Cryo recovery treatments as part of your training program, you will find that you don’t need to reach for the pills because you have found an easy, natural way of expediting recovery and comfort.

Owner Comfort Selebi, is an athlete, a comrades marathon runner, an ASA Level 1 coach for Middle/Long Distances and Race Walking, and a gym fanatic. She has a number of podium finishes in 10kms, 21.1kms and Marathon.

She is passionate about sport and believes that Cryotherapy should be part of training, preparation and recovery for all sports people.

Tel: +27 010 312 6200

Cell: +27 082 843 2006



Address: Kumo HQ
1 Stan Road, Grayston Drive, Morningside, Sandton. Johannesburg

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